Non profit digital skills training

Skills Matter is a non profit training company who aim is to offer totally free or very low cost digital skills training to primary schools, community groups, charities and training centres. You can read more about who we are and our aims by clicking here or the link below. Please feel free to browse our website and if you are a business who may want to donate or sponsor a course please get in touch.

Skills matter for all

Helping, schools, people and the community

Everyone should have a chance

At Skills Matter we know that just having computer skills isn't enough and if you are going to standout from the crowd you need to add a whole bunch of other talents you can call upon.

The top ten skills employers are looking for in 2018 are shown in the graphic on the left and it doesn't matter if you are a year 6 student at primary school or a older learner looking for employment, these skills are just as relevant.

Social isolation and lack of confidence are huge problems particularly to older learners and particular groups of people, so we have a course specially trailed to suite you.

We know there has been a massive drop in digital skills in children and we aim to address this issue by introducing a different way to use IT in schools that will silently give children many of the skills listed on the left. At the same time we want to improve the digital skills of student teachers, as they will be the generation that will finally start to roll our cloud computing in education.

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