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It's clear that computer skills have changed over the years and in 2018/19 they will shift up a gear. Everyone needs digital skills, but what exactly do we mean by digital skills. Over that last 10 years schools have moved away from the PC / laptop way of working in flavor of tablets such as iPads. These brilliant devices offered children a different way of using IT and started the move away from the traditional PC / File Server experience and into a world of apps and touch screens.

Training for these devices has been excellent with many outstanding schools proving you don't always need a keyboard or mouse to produce excellent results.

But, the general opinion is mouse and keyboard skills have suffered and reduced and the ability for children to seamlessly "bolt" together work from different sources to produce an end result. Moreover, the 4 C's now need to be introduced to children at an early age - that is Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Critical Thinking.

Children need to be able to stand on their own two feet and pick and choose the best tools and device for the job. They also need to be "IT savvy", work as teams and have the skills to answer their own questions. All 21st century Digital Skills and skills they can continue to use throughout their life.