Not for profit training - Sponsorship

The news papers and television tell us about it all the time and it is generally well know there is a skills gap between the north and the south of England. The question that needs addressing is "why does that gap exits in the first place".

Education plays a key role in bridging that gap and the feeling is digital skills can help. The problem is there is a skills gap in education and teachers also need to learn about and bridge their own digital skills gap.

Our aim is to off free, or low cost, training to primary schools, community groups, charities and training centres. Digital exclusion is a major issue and we aim to make sure that every group of people, poor and rich, young and old have an equal an chance.

We need your help

To allow that to happen, we need sponsorship. If you are a business in Greater Manchester who want to help fund this not for profit venture please get in touch. You can find our contact details on the "About" page page.

Applications in progress