Who We Are

#skillsmatter4u CIC - Non Profit

SkillsMatter4u is a non profit community interest company (CIC), our aim is to try and offer totally FREE or very low cost digital skills training to primary schools, community groups, charities and training centers.

We have a number of aims:-

  • Improve digital skills in education, particularly primary schools by introducing Google Cloud.
  • Improve digital skills in the community, tackle digital exclusion.
  • Offer training and support to charities and training centres.
  • Improve the digital skills of people who might feel they are excluded from the normal workplace.
  • Help build confidence in older adults and community's who may feel isolated by using specially designed "real life" IT experiences.
  • Bridge the North / South skills gap and give children and adults a better chance.


SkillsMatter4Uu is totally accountable to our funding providers and sponsors along with anyone who donates to out aim of bringing better digital skills to the wider community.

Like everything in life nothing is free and we have a number of overheads when we provide any type of training. Overheads may include the trainers fee, travel, course handouts, room hire, refreshments and administration.

We try to keep our overheads to a minimum, that way we can make sure that more of the money donated is put back into the training courses.

SkillsMatter4u is a totally transparent and open company. You can request to see a copy of out accounts at anytime and we will provide you with these within 28 days.

Contact SkillsMatter4u

If you have a question of want a copy of our accounts please use the email address below.

Remember, this is a new startup company and we are still in the planning stage.

email - info@skillsmatter4u.org.uk